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a 18-year-old Icelandic pop singer/songwriter and producer. At the age of 14, I started making music on my guitar, keyboard and using Audacity to mix it all together. But even before then, I was always making up my own lyrics to popular songs or making music with Garageband on a school Ipad. So you could say that music has always been apart of my life.

I tried a handful of DAW's (Digital Audio Workstation) after audacity. I tried using FL Studio but could never make anything good. I tried Ableton but it was way too confusing for me. On the 6th of July, 2020. While in a music store with my grandma. I noticed a drum machine and said I would like to get one someday, but my grandmother bought it for me right then and there. When I came home and plugged everything in, I noticed that the drum machine came with a DAW called Studio One.

And so all of this wouldn't have been possible without my grandma.

So thank you grandma!


Purple sky was released on December 29th, 2020. The EP was more of a collection of songs and demos made by me rather than an official release, with most songs being very underproduced and it having very amateur singing.

The EP had just 6 songs, but due to the length of the final track, PAST PRESENT FUTURE, with a whopping 9 minutes and 20 seconds of runtime, the EP ended up at 25:20 minutes.

The making of the EP was a very abrupt and rushed process. Throughout the second half of 2020, I was making a lot of music in my free time. On Dec 25th while on a walk, I was listening to my songs back to back using Google drive and had the sudden need to put the songs together and release them as an album or EP, and so I did.

I decided immediately that I was going to release these songs before it was new years and so I rushed back home to create what is now known as "Purple Sky". Due to only having 6 days to make it, it ended up being released in a very bad state. It was originally released with 8 songs on it, but after it's release it became apparent that I did NOT like 2 out of the 8 songs released, so I removed them around a week later.

It was the first music project I had ever made and actually put out and it turned out pretty well for only being made into an EP in a couple days and having songs that were made a day before the release.

Fast Forward


PYNK SKY was released on July 7th 2021. The project included themes of space, time and mixing them with stories from reality. Only 6 months after Purple sky, PYNK SKY was an IMMENSE improvement from purple sky in every way.

The creation of this album was way more professional in the sense that it wasn't made in 6 days but rather 6 months, which is a LOT better than the rushed and unprofessional making of Purple Sky.

From the very beginning, I wanted this album to have a concept rather than it just being a compilation of songs. The first song that was made was a song called "AFRESH". An electro Pop single which I put on soundcloud first before I even knew I was going to make an album.

I had gotten a lot better at making music so I wanted to try making a better version of Purple Sky. You might have noticed that Galaxy is on both albums because all I really did was just sing better and make it more bombastic, but something I don't think anyone has noticed is how LIFT OFF's arpeggio is the same as the one in SAME LOVE but much slower.

I made LIFT OFF and I immediately wanted to make an album about space, and so I did. I worked on the album for around 3-4 months and by the end I decided I wanted to have AFRESH and LITTLE SHIBA on the record, even though it wasn't really as space themed as the rest.


EYE was released on March 14th 2022. With a complete change in sound and mood from the previous projects, I wanted to make something different from the elegant and space-themed sound that was prevalent on PYNK SKY and Purple Sky.

With inspirations from artists such as:

  • Death Grips
  • Kanye west (Yeezus and Yeezus 2)

The album is weird, experimental and angry but it's not just anger that takes center stage throughout the album. With songs such as "Elevator", "Only 1Bit", "CARE" and "POWER OFF". The album is really a mix of almost everything. Anger and sadness, reality and fiction, darkness and brightness, ugliness and beauty, and bringing it together with the bitcrushed production.

The idea for the album really came from the album cover. The cover is weird, pixelated and mysterious so that's what I tried to make the album sound like aswell.

The first draft of the project had around 6 songs but only 2 of the songs made it onto the final version. Burning down and Elevator were the only songs that survived all 5 months of production.

The song that kickstarted the making of this album was the song lucyd Dream.

Burning Down
Only 1Bit
Broken Childhood
Lucyd Dream
That Day
Come Back
Good Ending


CLOUD OCEAN is a narratively driven concept album about insecurity, love and loss. The album is my most ambitious project yet with my most complete body of work to date. I began working on the project in april with a song titled "Morning" being the song that kind of kickstarted the idea of making an LP with this underwater/cloudy sound but the album didn't really start forming into what we hear today until around october when i had all the songs that you hear on the album in development.

Morning (Demo)

I worked on the album for around 7 months which isn't that long compared to other artists. I was planning on working on this album for 2 years but once I had the 9 songs completed it just felt finished so I just decided to release the album on november 11th. Around a week before I needed to put the album on distrokid so it would release on time I was listening to PasserBy on my way home, just basking in this amazing song I had made I heard the lyric "She's above and you are just crazy" and I just stopped in my tracks and had an insane idea.

The love interest of CLOUD OCEAN is dead.

I ran home and started tweaking lyrics to make this idea make sense and for that whole week I was just changing lyrics and I had to completely rewrite "Acceptance" and on the last day before the album was out of my hand I made the last couple tweaks, made sure it all made sense and put it out.

I haven't seen anyone figure out the whole story but please lemme know if you do cause I worked very hard to make it lol

Soundtrack Composition

Feb 7th 2023

I've always loved creating the instrumentals the most while making music. Creating worlds through weird, sad, happy, angry, alien, creepy or etherial soundscapes and setting a mood, a feeling into your heart without needing any lyrics to explain what is going on. It's always been my favorite part of music production and that's why I want to create soundtracks for games, movies and tv. More so than any other skill I have, I'm naturally skilled at knowing what sounds make you feel a certain way and how to tell a story through instruments and effects.

My most recent instrumental came from a prompt my friend gave me "Alice in wonderland walking into a forest and losing her sanity" and a day later I created this.