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October 13th / 2023

The Extras



Go Away

Ghost Beat

Higher (Demo)

Fire (Demo)

Personal note:

Hello! Thank you so much for even being on this website and reading this right now. You are truly amazing!

I wanted to start off this personal note by saying my thoughts on this album. This was the longest I've ever worked on an album. I think it took like 11 months. But although I spent the most amount of time on this record I feel unsatisfied with it. First off, I like all the songs on the record but I feel like it lost alot of what makes my music mine. With my last two albums they were striking and like really special and with this one I sort of just made music that was more accessable and I think it's alright to do so every now and then but this album doesn't excite me. There's no real story to tell with it. But aside from that I'm still proud of what I made here. It's well made!

I think it really speaks to how little attachement I have for this LP by how long it took me to add it to my website. The album came out on October 13th and it took me until DECEMBER 19th to actually add it to my site. That's 2 months of not bothering to do so which is BAD. Thankfully I can already tell that with my next album I'm WAY more interested and excited about it. It's so so so much more creative and polarizinig and I hope I can do it justice :)

Now for the songs that didn't make the cut I wanted to explain why they didn't make the cut. For the most part I just didn't end up finishing them or they weren't good enough in my opinion but with "Control" and "Exposed" there's bigger reasons for them not making the cut.

First and foremost, Control. This is a song I created in the span of 2 days and I released it as a single the same week I created it because I found it so fucking cool that I just had to share it with the world. This song when released made it onto the "Icelandic music Now" spotify playlist and was played on the radio once which was really exciting. But after that, nobody seemed to listen to it afterwards and then I was watching a livestream when I decided to send it to them expecting some compliments on the production.

But instead I got the worst criticism I've gotten (so far). As I watched them react to it they did not seem entertained and even groaned at the last line. Which is fair because the original version had a bit cornier and cringy lines which I agree with but what they said after the song was over was "Some people shouldn't be allowed to rap", with me as the context. It really affected me because these were people I really loved and respected and this criticism wasn't constructive. It just made me insecure about my rapping for over 5 months. So I left it off the album because it was hard for me to even listen to the song after this.

Exposed was a track that actually was on the album upon release but was removed like a week after because it's just...too serious of a topic for me to be making a song about. It just felt safer to remove it rather that accidentally hurt someone or put someone off. I really love the dark sound of it but the contents of the songs are a bit too dark for me to rap about. The rest of the tracks were just not cooked enough to be put on the album.

Now. As of writing this (1/1/2024), I have 800 monthly listeners, I paid for playlist placements so I'm not expecting this to be long lasting unless I actually do something about it which is why for 2024 I want to go HARD on music. Specifically I want to put way more focus on everything around the music like music videos, social media, concerts and collaborating while also putting even more effort into the music itself. Just going to spend more of the time I would spend on making youtube videos on GooseToe and put that visual passion into the music! So I'm hoping that by the end of 2024 I've actually made it somewhere. That's the goal. Thank you for reading this, thank you for listening and thanks for being you!