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Guzo Portfolio

Cinematic, Winter, emotional
(Feb 18th, 2023)


Horror, Descent from sanity
(Feb 7th, 2023)

Alice Descent

Intense, Exciting, Fun
(February 18th, 2024)

Candy Rush

(July 3rd, 2023)

This track is inspired by the show "Severance" which is about people going to work but not having any memory of their personal lives while at work and not having any memory of work while in their personal lives. This track tells a story of a man finding a way out of this prison but when they think they've escaped into nature, everything is plastic and they're still stuck.

Hope is plastic grass

Sad, Cinematic, Soft
(May 12th, 2023)

Lost Memory

Calm, Cinematic, Upbeat
(Nov 11th, 2022)

Good Ending

Bitcrushed, Sad, Hard
(March 14th, 2022)

Only 1Bit

(December, 2023)

This is the teaser trailer I scored for the upcoming short animated film "Koi Girl".

(February, 2023)

This is an animatic of an animation currently in the works called "Winters Toll". The animation is a whymsical and heartfelt story and mostly comprises of piano.

Work For Clients

These were made for a D&D Campaign. This is the theme song for something called "The Anomaly" which is a creature that renders all technology broken and this anomaly can kill you by only getting near you. The Anomaly is a ghost like creature and the 3rd song is the one that was chosen for when the anomaly is close by but the players don't know what it is yet.

eerie, dreadful, horror
(April 12th, 2023)

Dread Stranding

eerie, dreadful, horror, sad
(April 12th, 2023)

Dread Stranding (sadder)

Mysterious, Horror, eerie, Ambient
(April 12th, 2023)

Mysterious Stranding

These songs were made for a game called "Infectious Doctor" which is a horror visual novel about a doctor that is trying to kill you while you're in an abandonded hospital. These are supposed to act as the Main menu song.

Doctor, Horror
(April 2nd, 2023)

Infectious Doctor Soundtrack

Doctor, Horror, Video Game
(April 2nd, 2023)

Infectious Doctor Soundtrack 2

Doctor, Horror
(April 2nd, 2023)

Infectious Doctor (Death)


Horror, Dark, Video Game

Don't Let The Wolf Sleep

Horror, Hard Beat


Horror, Intense, Bitcrushed

It Watches Me

Dark, Cinematic, Calm-Intense


Horror, Alien, Murky, Dark

Unknown entity


Exciting, Uplifting


Exciting, Cool


Exciting, Drum n Bass, Sampling

Hold You Close

Jazz, Pretty

Life Changing Naturally

Orchestral, Emotional, Calm

New Chapters

Nostalgic, emotional

Remembered Memories

Futuristic, High Speed Chase


Cinematic, Lo-Fi, Pretty to dark

Blue iris

Outro, Upbeat, Chill

Good Ending

Outro, Space, Voyage


Old school beat, Chill


Cute, Emotional, Somber