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Cyberpunk 2077

A fantastic story and a fantastic world.

Cyberpunk 2077 is without a doubt one of the best games i have played. From a writing perspective, this game is phenomenal. Cyberpunk managed to truly hook me and never let go. But that does not mean this game has no flaws. But they are few so lets get them out of the way first.

Con 1: Yes there are still bugs in this game. For example things not rendering, stiff animations and animations failures (such as mouths not moving when people speak), things floating in mid air. But its not really something that will take you out of the game. I have a pretty mediocre PC yet the bugs were not game breaking at all.

Con 2: The streets feel empty and lifeless. I understand why, its to minimize things for your pc to render. But still, it kinda fails to make the city feel cramped as it has been described.

Now onto the pros.

Pro 1: The story is absolutely amazing. Throughout your entire run the main story never feels like its getting too slow, or tedious. And you get so immersed you can get lost on hours on end. And the side quest are the real icing on the cake. If you are going to play this game, do the side quest you want to finish first. Like finish quest relating to some characters, make a romance story, pay off your debts, things like that. Because they will impact the way the story goes. And it will greatly enhance it as well.

pro 2: The characters. They are probably one of the most well written characters i have seen in media for quite some time. And not just V and Johnny. Even side characters like Judy and Panam feel so real its almost you personally know them. Like they are there with you. I know, sounds cheezy but its true. I cannot stress how much i appreciate the character development in this game. They feel so human, and your mood will genuinely change for the better when that one character calls.

Pro 3: The gameplay feels nice. The gunplay feels real and the guns pack a punch with every bullet fired. The cars feel alright, personally i like motorcycles the most, and the cyberwear weapons, such as mantis claws and the projectile system feel powerful.

Pro 4: Visuals are amazing. Sure you might need high end computers to get the full spectacle of it, but even at a low end pc i still could really appreciate it.

Pro 5: The music is amazing. It truly sets you in that dystopian cyberpunk world with the music being composed of both classical instruments like the violin and cello with electronic music.

Pro 6: The bosses feel (mostly) great to fight against. Sometimes the con i presented before with the bugs does effect them but i could personally deal with it.

Pro 7: The world all around is very good. Even though the lore isn't dwelled too much. You can still really feel like you are living in this world. The politics are interesting, the gangs and the police, the network, the corpos. All good stuff.

Pro 8: The secrets and easter eggs in the game are a nice add-on to elevate your experience.

Pro 9: The endings in this game are absolutely beautiful. Every single one of them is so great. Each showing a different perspective to the world, giving you a new found appreciation to the world of cyberpunk. I dont think i will lose that feeling anytime soon.

All in all, Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that i highly recommend to anybody who wants to dive into a amazing story and let yourself experience a true master class in writing.


(This review was written on March 2nd, 2023)

This Review was Written by Jakob Shulmin

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